Responsible Breeders
Silver and Gold Labrador Retrievers
Intelligent, Happy and Healthy Labradors

Responsible Labrador Retriever Breeders DO :

*Do Breed in order to improve the breed and produce the best puppies they possibly can.

* Do Ask questions of you , as you do of them.

*Do Show evidence of at least  three years of serious interest in their breed.

*Do Honestly discuss any special problems or requirements associated with the breed.

*Do Offer assistance and advice on grooming,  training, etc., for the life of the dog.

*Do Offer, for any reason and at any time, if you cannot keep the dog, will take it back. 

*Do Have dogs that are clean, healthy, happy, and humanely cared for.

*Do Have pups current on their vaccinations/wormings at the time of pick up.  Health and medical records are provided.

* Do Socialize pups from the start and get them used to different people, noises and environments.

* Do have testamonials available for your review.

*Do provide Pedigree information on all their dogs, upon request.

Recommended Reading:

Cesar Milan " The Dog Whisperer"

Recommended website for information:

Silver and Gold Labradors is inspected , approved and in compliance with AKC regulations.  

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Responsible Breeders

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