Health Guarantee
Silver and Gold Labrador Retrievers
Intelligent, Happy and Healthy Labradors

Health Guarantee
Your pup has a health guarantee for 24 months from birth against disabling genetic defects usually associated with hips, shoulders, elbows and eyes.  With proper veterinary documentation, your full purchase price is  refundable.   In most instances, dog must be returned to breeder.  Certain restrictions apply.
Please Note:  Although your pup has no known genetic defects, you can inadvertently bring on problems with the wrong type of exercise and/or over- feeding your dog.

Please remember to exercise your pup with low-impact exercise the first 18 months of life.

Examples of low - impact includes walking & running on grass or sand ,  and swimming. 

Examples of high impact is walking & running on cement & pavement, or doing alot of Frisbee jumping and landing hard on the back legs, jumping in and out of truck.

Excessive fetching can cause fatigue which can lead to injury as well.

If your pup is over weight, that can be very hard on their skeletal structure.  There is also some evidence that altering your dog ( spay/neuter) at too young of an age, can be detrimental to their health. 

When you are teaching your puppy to sit on command, do not push down their hindquarters repeatedly.  

Remember, they will work their heart out for you!

Some silver and charcoal dogs will have white hairs mixed in to their regular coat,  This is not a genetic defect applicable to my health guarantee:   it is  a "mismark" it usually fades with time.

Also, there are coat color variations about twice a year, going from fall into winter and spring into summer.  Their coats can get unattractive and bleached out or significantly darker.  These are seasonal variations.

Silver and Charcoal Dogs tend to have a dry coat, and it can sometimes be  rough or course texture.  Consider a coat supplement like   Life's Abundance fish oil , flaxseed or drops of corn oil to improve their coat condition.  A nice oily dog food kibble is  excellent too, like Nutro or other high quality dog foods. 

Note:  We have recently stopped removing dew claws as a standard procedure.  Dew claw removal has been injurious to our pups.   Furthermore the dew claw has been showns to stabilize the shoulder for quick turns.  It is also another toe to scoop water when the dog is swimming.

For the Labrador breed , who swims and fetches constantly, removing the dew claws is a disservice to the dog and can cause performance related injuries in the future. 

Simply keep the  dew claw nail trimmed to avoid accidental tearing or injury to your dog.

Notes on Visiting our Farm:  Safety and Health Request: 

 Due to  safety and health concerns, please consider the following:  Please visit us with clean clothes and clean shoes , straight from your home and no contact with other puppy establishments or kennels.  There are many diseases that can be carried and passed on to my pups who are too young to be fully vaccinated .

One of my gorgeous silver male offspring from last year. 
The silver color gene is a diluted chocolate color gene, and the Silver pups are registered as Chocolate.  The Charcoal color gene is a diluted black color gene, and the Charcoal pups are registered as Black.  It is not unusual to get all four colors in a litter .  Above is picture of 3 of my dogs as pups.
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​Ask me about Champagne!  We have recently started breeding the Champagne color which is the yellow Labrador with the silver gene infused.  This gives the pup blue eyes ( which later turn amber) and a silver sheen to the coat.  The coat has a pewter/ bronzy cast to it.  It is very beautiful!  Same great dog, new cool color!
Little Charcoal Girl, top and left