Deposit Information 
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Deposit Information
CHow Deposits Work

* You must choose a first choice gender and color.  You can choose a second preference also .

*You may switch gender or color, but only behind other depositors on the list.

*Pups are matched in the order of deposit received. Everyone's first choice is considered first.  Your second choices are considered after all first choices have been satisfied.  

Please keep in mind the order of pick has nothing to do with how great your pup is going to turn out.  Much more important is the time you spend with your pup after you take him or her home . 

Breeder reserves the right to first pick of the litter and may make any pups unavailable and not for sale to the public. 

Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell a pup at any time.

*Breeder reserves the right to choose or encourage a pup in the litter that is appropriate for you and your  family .  This choice will keep with the color and gender you have selected. 

*Prices subject to change with reasonable notice.

*Visiting your pup is encouraged but please be conscientious of your time and your young children.

 Deposits:   To reserve your puppy, you will want to make a nonrefundable $250 deposit.   The Pick order will be given in the order we receive deposits. First deposit gets first pick, second deposit gets second pick and so on. If the sex and/or color is not available after your deposit has been born,  you may put that deposit toward another upcoming litter or another available pup.

If you are interested in making a deposit, please feel free to contact us to determine availability of pups.  Be advised availability can and sometimes DOES change within hours or an overnight.      Deposits can be made by check or PayPal.  Note :: If you send a personal check your deposit will not be logged in until the check is cashed and cleared.  Be advised that other deposits can come in ahead of you during that time. Be advised that just because you SAY you will send in a deposit does not automatically reserve a pup for you.

We like to have our puppy buyers pick their puppies out by the age of 5 to 6 weeks. If the buyer is unable to do this in person, we will work with them by sending pictures and describing the pup's personalites.

The puppies will go home between 6 and 8 weeks.  Please Note:  We strongly feel your pup should be with you by about 7 weeks of age and we do not want to keep the pick-up date open-ended. If the scheduled pick-up dates do not work for you, please make arrangements with us as soon as possible. We will charge a boarding fee of $10 per day (or any part of a day) past our agreed upon pick-up date. 

To reserve one of our Labrador puppies, you can  text  or call to set up arrangements. The holding deposit is a $250 non-refundable deposit on our pups. The balance will be paid in full on the date of pick up. Only fully purchased lab puppies will be picked up or delivered. 

You can put a deposit on any existing litter or future litter within 2 months but not any longer than that. 

As a reputable Labrador breeder, our silver and charcoal Labradors are in high demand. Most of our silver labs are sold on a deposit basis , often before they are born or even conceived. Quality Labrador puppies are worth the wait, and no reputable Labrador breeder has Lab puppies on hand all the time.

LASTLY,  Please ensure you have the time, energy and financial security to take care of our pups before you committ to buying.  We endeavour to give our puppies the best possible home they deserve. 

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