Additional Info and Litter Schedule 
Silver and Gold Labrador Retrievers
Intelligent, Happy and Healthy Labradors
Although it seems strange to accept deposits before a litter is bred or whelped, please keep in mind that most of Silver and Gold Labradors puppies are sold  before they are born.  Please note that a deposit is non-refundable.  No Exceptions.  

These are the litters that we have proposed for this year :
April 2015
June 2015
​Fall 2015 - To Be Determined

 Please remember that these are proposed breedings. Mother Nature determines the details.

Some of these breedings may not take place or sires/dams may change. However, while the sires/dams may change,  the litter characteristics will stay the same.  We do not allow you to dictate the parents of your  pup,  although if it works out we are happy to oblige.

Deposits placed early ensures your order of pick in that litter. For more information on how deposits work, please see Deposit Information page. 

Please note:  Although these Labradors are wonderful family and companion dogs, they are primarily bred to be high energy, determined and object oriented hunting dogs.  It is important that they receive the proper obedience training at a young age and that their energy is channeled properly thru extensive low impact exercise and strict obedience training.   Habits that may be adorable or "cute" as puppies can be annoying and/or dangerous as adult dogs.   Dogs go thru different developmental stages testing to see who is the leader.  If they sense that your will is not as strong as theirs, they assume they are the leader.  Remember, positive behavior is reinforced and negative behavior is punished.  Please do not let your dog jump, bite, nip or play tug of war.  Feed your dog ample and often and leave them alone while eating. 

Pups from last year, they have the greatest homes!
Brief Definition of Medical Terms:

PRA- Progressive Retinal Atrophy - PRA usually onsets later in life, like age 4.  A guarantee of PRA from breeder for up to age one year old, is useless.

PRA is not detected via CERF, it is a DNA test

CERF- is simply a viewing of the dogs retina looking for cataracts. 

Preliminary OFA is done at various ages prior to age 24 months.  It is a progress report.

Final OFA is done before 25 months of age. OFA definition ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) 

Results for OFA take a few months to get results back.  If hips x-rayed at 24 months,  the pups Health Guarantee should be in effect until at least 26 months. 

EIC- Exercise Induced Collapse .  A genetic test can yield results if a dog is a carrier or possesses the gene.