Silver and Gold Labrador Retrievers
Intelligent, Happy and Healthy Labradors

  Welcome to Silver and Gold Labrador Retrievers. Home of 
 Happy, Healthy, Intelligent Dogs
"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold........"
We raise, train and breed quality Silver & Charcoal colored Labradors .  We are a small, country farm that spends alot of time with our dogs!  

 Our dogs and pups excel in the field,  in agility and dock jumping.  They are fabulous family pets and wonderful companions.   Carefully selected and bred to improve the breed standard,  we are the premiere provider of  traditional and dilute colored Labradors in the Pacific Northwest.
Proudly raising and training Silver and Charcoal Labrador Retrievers.  We are excited about our fourth generation of improved pups.
****Update:     Pups Available!     Ready to go soon!  
Call or text ( text preferred) for details 971-227-3187.  
 Seeking excellent family and hunting homes. Thank You!
We proudly recommend and offer Life's Abundance dog food. It is high quality and economical. 
For more information and to order , please see :  www.lifesabundance.com/silverandgoldlabradors for more information or contact me. 

P.S.  My Dogs Love Water  !!
All photos of dogs and pups on this website are strictly of my dogs and / or offspring.  Copyrights strictly enforced.  No photo may be used without explicit written permission.
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***American Kennel Club Inspected yearly and in Compliance

 All of our dogs are our  pets. We raise puppies so others who love the Labrador breed as we do,  who want a companion for family, or hunting or therapy,  can enjoy this breed. 

Our goal is healthy puppies, and our dogs spend alot of time interacting with us. They get plenty of exercise by going for walks, fetching, chasing birds and off leash runs on our property.  They are obedience trained by me and get plenty of social time with people and other dogs .

We believe in a healthy high protein diet and our dogs reflect that belief. They're healthy, strong and have beautiful coats.  

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